ReVamp Festival Isle of Wight


One Life Festival

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Dedicated to adults and children with Learning and Physical Disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

After watching a short film on the Internet about music events for people with Learning Difficulties, Barrie Wade and Paul Elvins set out to create a unique festival experience on the Isle of Wight. Dedicated to, and specifically for people with Learning Difficulties and the neurodiverse.

Wessex Cancer Trust


Wessex Cancer Trust believes that there should be help and support available to everyone living with cancer, when and where they need it. Their goals:

  • To provide practical and emotional support to cancer patients and their families close to home.
  • To provide information to help everyone understand about cancer, prevention, causes and treatments
  • To have services guided by the people we support in order to achieve the best outcomes for them
  • To work in partnership with other charities and health care professionals to ensure we use funds wisely and deliver maximum impact



Mountbatten is an independent charity and national leader in providing expert medical, nursing and domiciliary (personal) end of life care and bereavement support to over 650 people in their own homes on any one day.

We are an independent, registered charity and rely on the generosity of the Island’s community to raise around £5m of the approximate £7m we need every year to run our services.